Helping travelers visiting Cuba arrive in their destinations without spending too much money

PickoCar offers a service in which travelers can share a taxi with other passengers to get to their destinations and pay only for the seats they occupy in the car.

We use a wide network of confortable taxis that will pick you up at your accomodation each time and take you directly to your next place. Only 4 passengers travel in each car.

Hi there! The team at PickoCar over here. We are a small group of Cubans who actually live in Cuba.

A while back in 2014 we launched a platform where you could contact several private drivers who operate in Cuba to arrange transportation services directly with them prior to you arriving in the island.

That platform is, and it still works. Actually, now we run two businesses related to taxis in Cuba.

Why did we create another website that is related to the same thing as the first?

The main reason is: the price for a private driver is too high for most of our customers, which is why many of them could not benefit from it.

Think $120 - $150 daily. That is a lot if you travel alone or in a couple, or you are two friends or a family of three including one child, etc.

We want to change that.

To begin changing it, we have started to offer this shared taxi service called PickoCar.

Due to its own nature, a shared taxi service has some economical advantages for the travelers, because if you share the total price of the trip you each get to pay less to get to your destinations.

In a trip from La Habana to Trinidad in which you'd pay $130 - $160 to a private driver -no matter how many people you are-, a couple would pay only $70 total at PickoCar ($35 per seat), saving between $60 and $90.

This simple example illustrates very well the economic advantages of shared taxis.

But PickoCar is not yet another shared taxi business in Cuba.

Each member of the team has brought different skills that grouped together, make of PickoCar a platform that combines experience, infrasctructure and technology to offer a quality service, with prices much lower than private drivers and very close to the cheapest options available (but easily sold out) for toursists in Cuba, like the Viazul bus.

... and it doesn't stop there.

We are on a quest to reducing prices even more, and we are developing technologies inside the platform which by using an efficient system of dispatching the orders, it can find opportunities to apply discounts for each trip.

That is just one of the first steps, but we are convinced that through deep analisis we can find alternatives that make the cost of each seat per trip lower.

We will make our efforts and results public little by little, but for now you can start enjoying our shared rides service at (already) very convenient prices.